“I knew that in finding the mandala as an expression of the self I had attained what was for me the ultimate” C.G.Jung


MANDALA comes from the Sanskrit word meaning Circle. From the Buddhist Perspective “ Manda “ represents a Palace which is external whilst “ La” represents the Hidden Presence  (Shunya, Aatma, Consciousness, Soul) – the Internal.

Its Geometric representation comprises of shapes like circles & squares. These shapes take you towards the centre. But its essential nature lies in it being Concentric.

Usually, the centre of the Mandala is represented by a circle, which we believe has no beginning and no end. It is eternal and complete in itself. One can draw a parallel to it being non-dual in nature, the centre of existence – The Soul.

When I look at a Mandala I perceive its outside as the Relative Reality, the life we live daily, connecting with a bridge to the reality of the Absolute – The Spirit or The Soul, which lies at the centre of it all.

As a Mandala Artist I see individual consciousness (coming to life) evolving through the interplay of Shapes and Colors in accordance to our individual life’s Journey.These visual elements thus help achieve Clarity and Harmony. If we believe that a combination of shape and color represent individual and collective energy, then whether put the Mandala on a wall as just Art or used as a tool for meditation, it will help guide one towards an individual Cosmic and Psychic order in ones journey. My aim to create Mandalas sprang from the desire to energize, create and intent to help a mandala seeker create a mandala specific to them. This will help them in their own individual journey of evolution and transformation.

“Being Spiritual has got nothing to do with your beliefs, it’s to do with what you Feel “ – Steven Aitchison.